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As I wrote in my last post, Toem was the most westerly of our possessions. I was curious to see it and enjoyed the drive through winding narrow lanes cutting through fields rich in grass greener than I had ever seen.

No wonder the cows and other animals looked so fat and happy. Milk is really creamy and so is the butter.

 I was given thick creamy golden butter with everything I ate in restaurants, hotels and B&B. Promoting the local product! The whole area survives on agricultural produce. Almost no industry.

I finally arrived in Toem and found it to be a very pretty small town. The local church had some O’Ds but I noted a row of graves leading to the church marked as those of priests from the USA.

 I read them all with curiosity. Then I understood for they all had Irish family names. They had chosen to be buried ‘in the homeland’. How nice and sentimental!

I talked to some local women and they asked me lots of questions about life in Berlin once I told them I lived there. It was a nice exchange of information and I noticed how easily Irish people just open up on first meeting and talk openly. No wonder they say they have all kissed the Blarney Stone 🙂