Left bed


I them returned to the main road and turned onto the R497 heading north to Hollyford.  On this route we are heading into the Silvermine Mountains. These were to the west of our family lands.

They got rain from the Atlantic which ran into the valleys below to feed the grass which in turn fed the animals on which the people depended.

I found it to be a nice small town with a school for the children in the area, When I was there, the boys were playing football and making a lot of noise. I watched them for a while and enjoyed them enjoying the sport. I wandered through the rest of the village and found an amazing cottage.

I blinked my eyes and wondered if I had stumbled onto the set of the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings! In front of me was a cottage that must have been the model for Bilbo Baggen’s house! What do you think? I wonder if the director of the films had Irish ancestry?