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Dublin – 3

So now you have walked along Nassau Str. and turned into Kildare Str. where you can see a group of four interesting buildings.

As you face them you will see the National Library (1877) on your left,  behind that is the National Gallery (1864). Look to the right and you will see the National Museum (1890).

Now look to the centre and behind the police guards and ornate fence is Leinster House. It is the home of the Irish Parliament. Here is a shot of me in front of the building.
It was built in 1745. Now that is a year to remember if you are Scottish!  It was home to the Earl of Kildare and then known as Kildare House. No surprise there!  Other aristocrats and then bankers moved south of the river and had large houses built. 
From 1814 to 1924, it housed the Royal Dublin Society. This body was responsible for construction of the other buildings around it. The idea apparently was to create an ‘oasis’ of art and intellect. Not a bad idea! The Irish Parliament moved in during 1925 with a name change to Leinster House. 
Now walk westwards along Montesworth Str. and turn left into Dawson Str. There you will find the Mansion House. I has been the residence of the Lord Mayor of Dublin since 1715. Older than the other buildings we have just visited.   The first Irish Parliament met there in 1919 to sign the Declaration of Independence – on the right.
It was then getting dark so we relaxed in a local restaurant and I had my first drink of Guinness! It is not something I normally drink but then it was an abnormal day so I toasted the city with its most famous tipple!
I took a taxi to my hotel and slept well. Next morning after a hearty traditional breakfast, I climbed into the car and headed westwards through the city to pick up the highway ending at Cork.