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From Toem I drove the short distance north to Cappawhite. This is also in the old list of town/areas in the family possession of 1655.

It is a traditional Irish village looking like many others. I liked the T junction meeting which forms the centre of the small town.

I saw people moving around shopping and talking. I also noted that the village post office plays a very important role in village life and communication. I saw this in all the villages and small towns I visited. On buying stamps for postcards I got into interesting conversations with women behind or in front of me.  Interesting that I only saw women!

I read the local notice board and noted that two septs were listed as dominant in the area. The O’Ds and the Ryans. The latter have a long history of marrying with O’Ds. I know this happened in my family two or three generations ago.

Again, a local butchers shop in the centre and I wondered why so many survived. The answer is clear that local like to eat local beef and meat products so there is always a butchers shop in a village or small town.

Fortunately I had sunshine and blue skies as I set off on my further adventures. That and my classical radio station on the car radio made me smile and feel much younger as I headed off for another town and adventure.