Left bed


I shall start posts about my trip to Ireland with the route. I flew to Dublin airport, which is north of the city, arriving at 2:00pm. I took a hospitality bus to Hertz to pick up my car. The little Ford I booked was not there so I was given a Fiat Panda. Not the latest in technology but it proved to be a solid and reliable car with low petrol consumption.

I spent the afternoon looking around Dublin centre, booked into my hotel, more sightseeing, a meal and finaly to bed. After breakfast next day I headed out of the city. I followed signs leading to Cork. As I saw the sign to Thurles, I left the highway and entered the town. I saw my first ruined castle and knew I was almost in our old family lands.

My goal was district Kilnamanagh in County Tipperary. This is the ancestral home of my family. In the map of the county you can see towns I marked marked with circles. These form the core area of what was our possessions. All was lost in 1663 as a result of fighting Cromwell’s army. The castle’s blown up, most men died in the fighting or escaped to Spain.

I shall post more detailed reports with photos as I take you along this route. I am very pleased that I planned this visit and enjoyed every second of my time in Ireland!