Left bed


I am back in Berlin. I had a wonderful experience in Ireland for my birthday. It was too short and yesterday I found myself saying, “I want to stay here.” I was at Drogheda (Droichead Atha) on the coast north of Dublin (Baile Atha Cliath). You can see how quickly I learnt Gealic 🙂

A few hours later I was driving to the airport. I returned the car I had hired from Herzt and took their service bus into the airport. There followed check in, the too long and often unnecessary security check and wait for the call to board. The flight only takes two hours. I had three seats just for myself, so I dozed most of the time.

I waited 15 minutes for a local train and then it happened. Heavy bout of sneezing and runny nose. My allergies were back! In my short time away I was allergy free and enjoyed it. On entering my flat there was another outburst, so now I wonder if there is something in my flat to which I am also allergic.

The first thing I did was open my cards. Many thanks to all who sent them. It was very touching and just right for a homecoming. Here is a photo so you may be able to see the one you sent! I took 150 photos so I need time to sort them out and prepare for posting to this blog. Should keep me out of mischief tomorrow!