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May 2013 things

My favourite month started sunny and fine – except for my planned tour. See last post. Last month was marked by the change from a long dreary winter to a short spring. Everything bloomed within a week as if the grass, trees and flowers were also tired of waiting for winter to leave. See Fred on the right. He lives on my balcony and is now smiling in the sun 🙂

Mext Monday I am flying to Ireland to celebrate my BIG birthday on the 8th in the old family lands and photograph our ruined castles. I shall only be away for a week.

On my return I have the usual weekly pattern of teaching, meetings, oldie gangs until the end of the month.

Who has a birthday in May? Max starts us off with his 30th tomorrow. He is followed by Marcel in Hungary who will be 19 on the 6th – and not the 3rd, Thanks Marga for the correction 🙂 I have already sent my card and present! Hans will be 62 on the 11th. Trish will be 60+ on the 13th followed by Heike who will be 40 and a bit on the 16th 🙂 Otto hits 82 on 19th, Sylvia in Brighton will be 57 on the 20th – a day she shares with my lovely cousin Barbara who will be eating birthday cake to celebrate her 68th. Teacher George ends the month by celebrating his 62nd on the 27th May. Have a wonderful day no matter where you are. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all and each!