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Sunday Breakfast

Last Sunday  I cycled to Monika’s house to join her, some of her family and Hannelore for breakfast. It was a sunny warm Spring day and ideal for a happy family breakfast. I tool a cool bottle of sekt from Spain to start breakfast. It is done for a special occasion.

Hannelore told me about her Saturday when she went to a class meeting to celebrate 50 years since they passed their Abitur/High School Exam and left school to study at university or start work. Lots of catching up on news, particularly about families. No surprise there!

We sat in the summer house as I showed them pictures I had made in my Photoshop Gang. They had earlier expressed a wish to see them. This generated lots of talk before we moved to the garden to relax in the sun.

I called Hannelore just before she flew home. We confirmed that I shall spend some time with her and Peter in early September. Looking forward to seeing them in Clavier again