Left bed

More Old and New

On Thursday I went  to my AG60+ SPD group breakfast. As the name suggests, we are all over 60 and enjoy meeting up just to chat and exchange views over breakfast. I am now a regular so a place is always set for me – even if I arrive late!

I then went to the Unemployed Centre where I teach English to a beginner and an advanced group. I started two weeks ago. At first I rejected the request to teach but finally agreed to meet them. I then found it difficult to say ‘no’.

My weakness is to say no to people who are poor and unemployed. Why shouldn’t they have the same chance? Stupid question for we know it depends on having income/money. If you have the money you can buy everything – or buy yourself out of every situation!

Today I went to Kerstin’s Keep Fit Group for Seniors, and noted there was a lot of talk about life in the ‘DDR’, before leaving for my Photoshop Gang. I was not in good shape. Allergies really hurting, particularly burning eyes and sudden explosion of sneezing and runny nose.

That is why I did not create a new masterpiece. Even so, I managed something on the theme of Old and New. It is very subtle. The original photo was taken in 1984 and not far from where I used to live!