Left bed


I’ve had a very nice day. I think these buds say it all. They symbolise new life, new hope, new experiences and much more. I took these photos early afternoon as I left for my Photoshop Gang. The trees are in my front garden.

I wanted to test my camera to focus on the buds rather than the branch or background. I succeeded with two of my four shots. I like them. As I was taking the shots an elderly women came out of a flat and looked at me. She asked what I was doing. I said I was taking photographs – as she could see. She looked puzzled and asked why. I answered that I wanted images of spring and new life.

She smiled and relaxed. She again asked why. I told her I wanted them for my group. Which group – she asked. For my Photoshop Gang, I replied. I think you now have a good idea of how the conversation developed. She was very interested, surprised and pleased that a group of seniors meet weekly to work on images. She left happy and smiling. A nice meeting!