Left bed


I’ve had a nice week which saw the end of winter and spring slowly pushing its way into the cycle of seasons. I went to an ‘Oldie’ breakfast on Thursday morning after being asked a number of times. I enjoyed it and have added it to my weekly routine.

I was then asked if I would teach a few of them after each breakfast. I agreed and will start next week. I was also asked to take over two other classes of oldies each Thursday afternoon in the middle of the district where I live. I met them and they seemed to like me for I was then asked to take on the groups. I agreed.

Today I did some stretching and movement in Kerstin’s Oldie Gang after a two week holiday break. I felt much better. I then went to my Photoshop Gang and continued the butterfly work I started last week.  This time we got them to fly around – as you can see here.

PS to my last post. Many thanks to all who sent comments via e-mail and telephone. I understand why you did not want to post to the Comment service on this blog.