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Party Time

Hurray, Hooray, Hurrah … hip, hip hurray! It’s party time. Thatcher died today!  Millions in the UK will be celebrating tonight – with countless others in different countries.

 I shall take sekt when I visit people this week so they can join me in celebrating the long awaited end of a hated and despised person. Prost!!!

UPDATE 1: BBC Radio 4 reported street parties to celebrate her death in many towns/cities yesterday. There was a large one in  Bristol which led to clashes with the police. Six police officers had to be taken to hospital. Similar in Brixton and Glasgow.

UPDATE 2: BBC Radio 4 now reporting that 2,000+ people have been invited to Thatcher’s memorial service at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Among others, the President of Argentina and I didn’t get an invitation. I wonder why?