Left bed

Grunewald – 4

From the Jagdschloss, we walked along the south side of the lake. More dogs and they all made for Marga to be stroked and told how nice they were. This opened opportunities for owners to talk about their pets.

It made a change from talking about the cold weather! Marga said dogs had always been attracted to her and some people think she gives out some kind of ‘vibes’ that attract dogs. They never come to me — except to bark aggressively!

You can see that part of the lake in the photos. Arriving at the end of the lake, we climbed the steps to a part of Grunewald where only villas seem to have been built.

Marga showed me where the British Ambassador lives. There were two police officers and a police car outside so you can’t miss where an ambassador lives – and there are a lot of them in this area!

The final walk to the S-Bahn and then a short journey to S-Bahn Charlottenburg. From there we went to our favourite restaurant.  A very relaxed place with good food at reasonable prices.

And so ended a really memorable day. Thanks Marga!