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April 2013 things

One week late with this update! I have no idea why. Perhaps the Easter weekend confused me about time and change including the clocks. As you know from an earlier post, I had a lazy start to the month via the long Easter weekend and more snow.

Then back to teaching in/at Alexander Platz with a new student and accepting an offer to teach a group of Oldies each Thursday afternoon. I did a ‘Probe’ and found them so nice that I decided to take on the group regularly. I went to a ‘Farewell Party’, had some important calls to the UK, had my hair cut, went to my Photoshop Gang and skyped Ian and Birgit in Ozland yesterday. Always nice to talk to them.

Yesterday I met Marga and we headed for Grunewald. I took some photos and will tell you about that in seperate posts. The next few weeks look ‘normal’ except for different SPD meetings starting tomorrow evening with an exhibition to mark the 150th year of its founding. I shall be there! 

Yesterday, when walking, I saw this car. You know I had hoped for a RR or Bentley from the adverts but alas it did not happen. I decided to buy this Mercedes with what is left. I beat the owner down to €90 to be paid on delivery next Friday afternoon. I know it is a little old but the motor still works! What do you think of my purchase?  

Who has a birthday in April? Horst started the month with his 79th on the 4th, followed by Uli at 66 on 6th who is followed in turn by his wife Petra on the 8th. We don’t know her age! Dennis will celebrate his 58th with family in California on the 11th. Neil hits 56 on the 13th, which he shares with dear Marga. She will celebrate her 65th then! My great-nephew Henri Lynch will be all of 4 on the 18th, Mathias will celebrate his 49th with Sylvana on the 19th. Peter will be 50 on the 22 and I am going to his party:-) Birgit F will be 49 on the 24th and I hope to have at least a coffee with her then.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EACH AND ALL!