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I recently got a Comment from a dweller in ‘Ozland’ about my ‘Easter Snow’ post. It was about my winter shoes. If you remember I told you I bought them at the onset of winter. I think it was last October.

I called them my ‘Hummer’ shoes. A Hummer is a large military mobile machine that looks like an over-muscular SUV. You must know what an SUV is! Okay, you don’t. It means Sport Utility Vehicle. In London they call it a Chelsea Tractor!

I called my new winter shoes ‘Hummer’, because the vehicle can go through any kind of snow, water, mud, sand etc conditions, and do so without a toilet stop or food break. The ‘Ozzer’ asked me if my Hummers had stood up to the challenging winter we are slowly leaving.

The short answer is, ‘Yes, they did!’ Here you can see the result of many months of wear. Note the tread on the beasts. You can go through anything with these on your feet. Just like a Hummer!