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My post-Easter week was ‘normal’ with the exception of an event yesterday. I was invited to a Farewell Party given for Frau Heike Marquardt. What a nice originally French name! She was the Integration Officer for the area where I live.

UPDATE: 26 April. I got an interesting e-mail from Silke, with a url, to say that Marquardt is not French but German in origin.  Seems to be a difference of opinion between the two ladies!

Yesterday was her 60th birthday and 22nd year in this position. She took early retirement and this event was given to honour her work in helping people from different national, cultural and language backgrounds.

I have known her for a number of years. She happily greeted me when I went to the ceremony last year to get my German citizenship. We also have a common interest in teaching. I really enjoyed the party with multi-cultural music, guests, speeches and big, happy smiles!

This morning I didn’t go to my Kerstin Oldie Training Group. Kerstin is on holiday so there was no training. I later left for my Photoshop Gang led by Stefan. Nice to see all after the Easter break. We did some more work involving cutting and moving to build a new image.

I selected these butterflies, cut them out and moved to a tree background. Here you can see the result. I selected this to remind me of colours and Spring, which we are all waiting for in this corner of the planet. Have a nice weekend each!