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Eating Again

Yesterday was a nice day centred on eating 🙂  It started with Kerstin’s ‘Training for Oldies’ session, as each Friday morning. After training, sauna, shower, relaxing, we left for a short walk to a restaurant It advertised itself as a ‘Singapore Indian’ restaurant. Mmmmh…I was suspicious!

We entered what was an old ‘Kneipe’ (traditional pub) and a long table was set for 13 guests. The service was good, the food tasty and the prices acceptable. I noticed the menu was an interesting mixture of Indian and Chinese dishes. I still miss the kinds of food I could buy/eat when I lived in north India. I couldn’t get them in this restaurant. Like others, it is designed for Berliner tastes!

Back home I rested and did a number of things before getting ready to go to Johanna’s flat. I have talked about her before and how we meet up every few months for nice meals, drinks and conversation. Other ‘Oldies’ were present and I really enjoyed catching up on news and events since our last meeting.

After the meal, I gave Johanna a present as thanks for her hospitality. She was surprised. I gave her a CD. It was of Kathleen Ferrier singing Bach and Handel at a “historic performance” on 7/8th October 1952. Within six months she was dead.  The recording was “recreated in stereo” on 19 February 1960. I think all Kathleen Ferrier fans have a copy of this re-working.

I asked Johanna to listen to one song to see if she liked it. She put it into her CD player and I watched the faces of all present. No-one made a sound as the orchestra played the introductory notes leading to the smooth entry of her voice. Within seconds I saw expressions of surprise and pleasure on the faces of my hostess and fellow guests. I had made the right choice!

They asked me questions about her and wanted to hear more. I answered their questions and was very happy that I had made the right musical choice to end our pleasant evening.  I’m looking forward to our next meeting and exchanging news about what each has done in spring.