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Yes, it is snowing again. I think all of west and north Europe is being hit by snow and cold winds coming from the Artic area. It’s even colder in Finland and west Russia.

Talking of Russia, I have a new student and he was born in the northern part of what Brits call Siberia. Actually it isn’t – Siberia is the bit in the middle of the map but don’t tell them that!

His English is very good and his German even better. He is also very sporty. He studied economics then worked as a manager for a large company in Germany. I spotted his training and skills immediately he gave a presentation.

We talked about Ukraine for he decided to drive there with some friends to see the final of some sporting event last weekend. You must love a sport to sit in a car with others for at least 17 hours!

Since our talk I have looked on the web and got information about the history of Ukraine. Now I am prepared for our meeting tomorrow. There it is even colder and with more snow than in Berlin.

Here are photos of the snow last night and the result this morning. Looking forward to Spring!