Left bed


Last week was busy but I found time to improve my bathroom. I am sure you have all heard of a German supermarket chain called Aldi. I actually like shopping in my local store. I know exactly what I am going to see and expect before I set off for the store.

Two weeks ago they had various bathroom ‘furnishings’ on offer. I bought a nice silver metal double bathtowel rail. At home I realized it was to be drilled into the wall. I never do that! Back to the store to get the special attachment held by glue so you did not need to drill.

Jan and Arancha visited that weekend so I had the chance to discuss mounting it with an expert engineer. Jan scanned the information in 2 seconds and told me to just do X and then Y and it was easy. Yes, easy for a man with two degrees in engineering.

I followed his advice this week and it worked out okay. I was so pleased I returned to the store to buy a half-moon-shape towel hanger. This time I was clever enough to buy the extra glue ‘thingy’.

I added it mid-week and liked it so much that I returned on Friday to buy two more. Here you can see the results of Johannes the Handyman 🙂