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Early presents

Yesterday I got a shock. In the afternoon my doorbell rang and Mr Postie announced I had a parcel. I signed for it and wondered what it could be. It was an early birthday present. Actually this is the earliest birthday present I have ever had = 10 weeks early!

It was from Ian and Birgit in deepest-down-under Sydney. I think they are moving into the end of summer as we are moving into the end phase of winter. Having written that, it is snowing at the moment and more is forecast for tomorrow 🙂

They sent me two books to help improve my photographic skills. One is called ‘The Weekend Photographer’ and each image has details of camera, lens, settings, flash or not, focal length and tripod used or not. Great – just what I need!

The second book is ‘Digital Landscape Photography’. It has lots of technical information about an image, including processing and even if changed and how in Photoshop. Wonderful presents. Many thanks to both and I have lots of homework to do.

Newsflash: I am listening to ABC Classic FM (which I often do). The news report is warning of heavy rain and floods around Sydney! Wow – but that is an abrupt end to summer! Take care Ian and Birgit. That also goes for Daniel who lives in Sydney.