Left bed


Now for a story to warm your heart this cold, northern hemisphere winter day. My nephew Jefferson and wife Leanne have produced another marvel. A little girl called Bethany. She arrived on Saturday 6th February at 6:08am weighing in at a healthy 7lb-11oz. Isn’t is nice that the English still keep the Imperial System?

The good news is that Mum and baby are happy and healthy. The proud father shared the news a few days ago with a file under the title winmail.dat. I can’t open it. I use an iMac and have even downloaded other programmes to try to open it – alas without success. I say that for I guess it contained a super photo of Bethany sleeping in Leanne’s arms.

When I get a photo I can open I shall share it with you so we can all look at it and say, ‘Aaaaah…Ooooh..isn’t she wonderful!!  I’m hoping to see her with her big sister and brother when I visit this June. Keep watching for more news! Meanwhile, here are a few flowers just for Bethany – and Mutti!