Left bed


Last Thursday, Silke and I met up and she drove me to IKEA. The company opened a large store in the north of the district where I live and I had never been there. I needed a replacement for my old ‘Billy’ bookcase. I am sure you will find one in every second house in Europe!

As you probably know, you find what you want on display, go to a large warehouse in the store, put it on a trolley, pay for it and try to get it in your car. We eventually did all that but started with lunch. The stores have large canteen style restaurants offering meals at a reasonable price. Nice.

After nearly getting lost and going the wrong way along the arrows on the paths, we found what I wanted. I didn’t really like the new ‘Billy’ and then looked around the corner. There was another kind of display case smiling at me. I smiled back:-)  After paying for it and about to leave the store, we found a “Hot-Dog-Station”.

I stared in disbelief. This is just another example of someone in an advertising department/agency who failed English at school but comes up with new ‘Dinglish’. Speakers of good German do not like this at all! I don’t either.  Since when did a ‘Hot-Dog’ have a station? Perhaps there is a ‘Mustard Platform’ somewhere in the store – but we couldn’t find it!