Left bed


I have been spending money! Yesterday evening I booked my flight to Dublin for my birthday in early May. I then booked a hotel in Dublin for my first evening. I needed wheels, so I booked a small Ford to pick up at the airport.

I shall drive to our old family lands of Kilmananagh, County Tipperary, in the south west of the Republic. I plan to tour around and look at our ruined castles and find some new relatives:-) Should be an interesting time. I shall also take lots of photos to share with you.  Other images are of a ticket to the Schubert evening last Friday, programmes about future concerts I plan to go to and special purchases today.

I bought a copy of a recent film celebrating the centenary of Kathleen Ferrier’s birth. The other is a copy of her complete EMI recordings. I shall reserve both for a time when I can relax, listen, and sip a nice glass of red. Perhaps a glass of Saxony Curvee!

Even more spending: I went to see the new Tarrantino film called Django this afternoon. Over the top as usual – go and see it. Coming up is a new tripod with Silke’s help and a trip to ikea with her on Thursday. After this there will be a period of stringent saving!