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February 2013

Moving into a new month and leaving one that has seen lots of snow and minus temperatures. Even so, I enjoyed January with many things the same and new events such as trips, meetings, concerts. My mind is increasingly moving to Spring and planning events then.

I have joined a new group of seniors who meet once a month. This includes discussions and going on excursions later when it is warmer. I’m looking forward to that. I’m going to a concert tomorrow evening and will have a drink with Angelika – after she has stopped playing the viola!

Mid-month I am going to an exhibition of theatrical/film costumes with Silka. Would never think about going to such an event on my own, but it sounds interesting. I’ll probably post a report to my blog. I’ve just noted I have three concerts/operas for next month. Busy musical boy!

Who has a birthday in February? Sven starts the month with his 37th on the 1st of February in Berlin. My dearest and oldest friend Alan hits the big 70 on 3rd February. Sure to be lots of visitors, cards and calls to Cas on that day. Wish I could be there! Jens celebrates his 43rd on the 5th, my ‘boss’ Dr. Ingeborg Pardon has her 65th on the 18th, Eleonora will celebrate her 54th in Berlin on the 22nd, with no doubt lots of calls from Hungary, Adrian in London will enjoy his 53rd on the 25th with Tanja, Frau Reimer will sip a glass of something in Rostock to enjoy her 87th on the 27th, and Peter in Australia will be 33 on the 28th – a day he shares with Ralf who will celebrate his 48th here in Berlin. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EACH AND ALL!