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Silke’s View

I have just got a nice e-mail and photos from Silke. The pics were her selection of events from last night. I reduced them for this post and decided to share with you.

One is of me with a bottle of the wonderful red wine from Saxony – which neither of us knew about. She added a link to a wine web page where she had tracked it down, and yes, it is expensive! Since when was quality cheap?

Another is of the Elysee Treaty celebration of lights on the cathedrals I told you about in my last post. Note the great difference in her photos compared to mine. She had a wide range lens and a special filter for lights. You can see that clearly in her photos. There are some special programmes about this on the TV channel ARTE this evening.

The last image is of the road in front of my nice, warm little flat. I am happy to live on a one-way street with limited traffic and a large, quiet garden at the back. That quality makes up for the lack of quantity! 

PS: Details of the wine. ‘Cuvee Sachsen’, Rotwein QbA trocken, 0,75l  Staatsweingut, Schloss Wackerbarth. €14,35. Hope you can find a bottle and enjoy it!