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Freistaat Sachsen

The State of Saxony/Freistaat Sachsen is in the middle-right of the Federal Republic of Germany. It shares its southern border with the Czech Republic and eastern border with the Polish Republic. Its capital is the city of Dresden. Well worth a visit!

Each state in the Federal Republic has a building in Berlin called a Landesvertretung. Think of it as a kind of embassy for there is nothing comparative in the UK, and many other countries. Silke was invited to the Sächsiche Landesvertretung and asked me to join her. I agreed immediately.

Why? Silke is registered as an official photographer with various organisation and groups. That is why she was invited to the Fotoausstellung 2012/Photo Exhibition called, ‘Sachsen erleben’. Last year there was a competition organised by the Saxon Journalist Association / sächsischen Journalistenverband.

Member photographers were invited to submit photographs and a panel chose the best. These were on display yesterday evening. We arrived for the opening at 7.00 pm, mingled with other guests and wandered into another hall to see a large table set with water, juice, white and red wine. All produced in Saxony.

Being a cool evening (only -11°C outside!) we decided on a glass of red wine. The ideal choice. Silke rolled her eyes in pleasure as she took a sip. I followed. We looked at the label. Neither knew it, so came to the conclusion that the best wine was reserved for ‘special occassions’, and we had arrived in the right place:-)

There were speeches, snacks, and a very nice lady played the piano as we guests mingled, ate, drank, smiled, and exchanged polite greetings – then Silke and I had another glass of the delicious red! Took some photos, admired the work of the professionals from Saxony, then left for another appointment. More of that in my next post!