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I went to a workshop yesterday afternoon. It was called ‘Task Based Language Teaching’. A task here is defined as the hundred and one things people do in everyday life, at work and at play and the bits in between. I didn’t know I had been using this method, with others, for years!

It was given by a young ‘rising star’ in the ELT world, name of Dale Coulter. He recently moved to Berlin from Italy where he began to make a name for himself. He also hosts an interesting blog for English teachers.

Another reason to go was to practice using my camera. I took some shots to post to our English teacher association internet platform. I have just done that, and sent copies to Dale so he can use them on his site. This is my last year as a member of ELTABB. There is a time to start a thing and a time to leave.

I co-founded the organisation nearly twenty years ago, and I am approaching a big birthday, so it is a reason to fade out and let the younger members show their considerable talents. Of course, I shall be talking about events and posting photos during this year, but I have told the Board they will have to find another ‘talented’ photographer 🙂 No problem there!

I have a ‘normal’ week in front of me. The extra event is tomorrow evening when I meet Silke to go to an exhibition of photos. She’s coming to pick me up and I shall have my camera with me, so perhaps I shall be able to share some interesting images with you.