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Yesterday evening I finally found The Turnhalle and saw Andrea inside reading a book while waiting for me. It was our late Christmas meeting. She was visiting friends and went to a wedding in London so we couldn’t meet then.  Better late than never!

Meeting at The Turnhalle for a chat, meal and drink was Andrea’s choice. She knows it well and is not far away from where she lives. It is also near her Fitness Centre. The Turnhalle was built in 1953, as was its school.

It was designed by an architect from Switzerland who moved to East Germany just after it was founded. It is opposite a large school which was converted to private flats in 2003. The Turnhalle was turned into a restaurant. What is a Turnhalle? It is a gymnasium (sport) attached to a school.

A very pleasant evening catching up on news, enjoying tasty food, and sipping a tasty Rioja red wine. Andrea is planning to buy a camera soon, so I let her play around with mine. Here are a few photos including a very nice one of Andrea – which I took!