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Oz sun

Ian made a gift of some Oz sun this morning. Just what we need at the moment. Here is a shortened version of his news —

G’day John.
It’s been very pleasant for the last month with hot sun but cool breezes off the sea. However today Sydney joined the rest of Oz in the furnace – 43 degrees C.

Lots of bush fires because the last few winters have been quite wet and the summers mild by Oz standards – therefore lots of undergrowth to fuel really hot blazes waiting for a moron with a ciggie.

I know you like posting blumchen piccies for your loyal readers: thought I would send you some from Down Unda to help relieve the gloom of mid-winter up there.
Isn’t that great! Many thanks Ian from me and my loyal readers. Your house looks even nicer in the sun and surrounded by flowers. I like the way you have made a garage of the flowers/branches for your car 🙂