Left bed


A short time ago, I registered to update my blog and was surprised that I had a new record. The statistics said I had 15030 page views = hits. When I posted the one before ‘Oz sun’, I had 14860 hits.

This means some of you were busy little ‘hitters’ in the days following New Year.  It would be nice if you added a comment via the open comment link. I am sure other readers would be interested in what others thought about particular posts.

Of course, I know this number of hits is nothing compared to the billions/millions per day registered by Google or Yahoo or Microsoft, but for my little family blog it shows that I have a small but loyal following. Quality is better than quantity!

Now to post a couple of pics of flowers for all of you to enjoy. I got them from Ian and Birgit to brighten up our north-European winter. Thanks!