Left bed


Heike and I said goodbye to Marcel this morning. She picked me up at 5.45am as arranged and we set off for Berlin Hbf. It was interesting to drive through the city centre at that time and see it slowly waking up into the first work day after the holidays.

Marcel told me what he had done since I last saw him. The main thing yesterday was seeing the film Der Hobbit. He said he really liked it and the new 3D technology. We parked under the station so were at platform 2 in good time.

Some smiles and jokes before the final embraces, then he stepped into the carriage. Doors slammed, the whistles sounded and the train slowly pulled away. Final waves and a feeling of sadness that he was leaving. He has a lot to learn this year starting with more German to pass the university entrance exam. Arrive home safely, Marcel!