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January 2013

And so we are on day one of a new year. I am busy reflecting on the old one. The dominant memories and images are of my visit to Shirley in Florida. How often have they returned to my thoughts since then! It was a once in a life experience. Thanks again, Shirley.

The next big thing was the arrival of Marcel in Berlin just one week before my flight to England. I really enjoyed meeting him, then getting to know him better on my return. He really is a remarkable young man and a credit to how his parents have brought him up. They deserve a medal!

Other highlights were travel to other countries in Europe, seeing Jan and Arancha in Den Haag, taking on new teaching contracts and discovering there was a market for ‘Oldies’ like me. Nice! Plus meeting and keeping in contact with old friends and family.

Tomorrow morning Heike and I will take Marcel to the railway station for his return journey to Budapest after which ‘normal’ life kicks in! Later I start teaching and in the evening a journey to the east of Berlin to meet a very nice couple in a restaurant of their choice. And so the new year starts very similar to how the old one left off!

Who has a birthday in January 2013? Peter hits 54 in Canterbury on the 5 January and that evening I shall be at Kristi’s birthday party in Berlin. Daniel in Brazil celebrates his 28th on the 8 Jan – think of us all in Berlin, Daniel. Hannelore slips into 70 on the 13th and I hope to see her and Peter at their home near Nice in September. Harald celebrates his 49th on the 21st January, Dr. Peter von LL celebrates his 29th on 24 January just before Paul Bateson celebrates his 28th birthday on 27 Jan. with family and friends in New Zealand.