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New Docs

Last Thursday evening I had two visitors. Peter and Stefan. The rest of ‘Jan’s Old Gang’ were in distant lands and places. Peter and Stefan had a meeting later with some old school friends so they started the evening by having a beer, or three, at my place.

Two of the ‘Old Gang’ should get their doctorates this year. Dr Christian (Itzak) will get his this spring and Peter has to do some more writing this year before he submits at the end of the year.

To encourage him I presented him with a copy of my doctorate made out in his name. He smiled – as you can see.

We talked about many things past, present and future plans and wishes, and all in English. We talked about this as well. Interesting that they, like Jan, just switch language without thinking. But then I do that with German. I have never thought English and then translated into German.

A very pleasant evening with two very talented men. I look forward to seeing more of them in 2013.