Left bed


I travelled into the city with Dr Peter and Stefan. I then headed off for Berlin main station (Berlin Hbf) as they went to meet friends in a pub. I arrived five minutes before the train from Budapest. Sitting inside was Marcel. The train left at 9.25 am and arrived 9.15 pm. A long journey.

I started looking for him at the end of the train and just missed a call on my mobile phone. It was from Marga.  I quickly moved to the middle of the train, but still no Marcel. Just then I heard someone call my name. I turned and it was Marga!

She had decided to surprise us. We then moved up the train and still no Marcel. As we got to the front Marga looked towards the other platform and spotted……….. you guessed right. It was Marcel grinning at us. Always playing games!

We greeted each other warmly and he looked remarkably fresh for someone who had sat on a train for half a day. He just beamed at us. Marga had brought some nice Sekt so we sipped that to celebrate our meeting.

We moved to another platform and talked as we waited for a regional train to my local station. It came in and stopped at the front. A quick run and we made it. Found a seat and relaxed. Mission accomplished! Marcel just had to pose for the camera. Thank goodness nothing had changed:-)