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Family and Friends

After a splendid evening with Marga I entered a quiet day. I opened all my cards at 12 noon just as I poured light white wine into a glass and raised it to family and friends around the world who have joined me in this ceremony for more years than I can remember.

It is always a pleasant feeling to think of them all. I also take my time to open the cards and read every word as I reflect on news sent by each. I also like the comments about future plans and news of family. I never rush this part of my day.  Next is to top up my glass and reach for my telephone.

This year I called sister Frances then sister Pauline in that order. Fran is very chatty and was excited as she waited for the arrival of son No. 1 and family. They arrived as we spoke so I had the bonus of talking directly to them. Leanne is expecting ‘Kindchen’ No. 3 in six weeks so we chatted about that for some time.

I then called sister Pauline in Cambridge. She was able to tell me that tests for her breast cancer were negative after treatment so she didn’t need further medical help. I thought about Jutta and we talked about her. We also talked about her plans for next year and my meeting them in June. I felt much better after talking to her and catching up on all kinds of news. For me the most important was the good news about her health.

I hope you enjoyed/are enjoying a happy family day with lots of good news.