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Birgit remembered

Heike called me earlier and asked if I had time to meet and accompany her to sister Birgit’s grave. I quickly said yes, for it is always a pleasure to meet Heike and catch up on news.

We bought some seasonal displays of flowers. One for Birgit and one for her father, who is also buried there. We walked through the decorated gardens of the summer houses on the way and enjoyed the creativity of some owners.

                    There were a number of people visiting family graves around us. Not surprising given the time of year when we all begin to reflect on things and people. Here is a photo of Heike after placing the flowers on the grave.

Heike always likes to go to a small family restaurant near where I live. It is the Bomisches Restaurant.

 The lady owner does all the cooking. Traditional, homemade and very tasty! You can see how much we enjoyed the food and a glass of wine to help digest the turkey leg:-)

Now enjoy your Sunday lunch!