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I’ve just got back from seeing the new Hobbit film. Same format as The Ring cycle. The Hobbit was written first. I remember reading it just after I arrived at university. My fellow students, nearly all of them 17/18 years younger, were shocked that I had not read the Hobbit.

I got a copy as a gift from them for my first Christmas holiday. I really enjoyed it and later read the Ring and even followed this up with The Silmarillion, which most people don’t know about, but which sets the scene for the other books. You can expect this to be filmed sometime after we have all seen the three films blown up from a short novel called The Hobbit.

I saw the film in a multi-complex in Potsdammer Platz. It was in the original language. You can see this on my ticket as (OV). You can see it was in 3D = you got glasses as you bought your ticket and you can see it was in HFR. Can I hear you asking what that is? It means — High Frame Rate.

See it in this format. I really enjoyed the film. It has adventure, good acting, some great character actors as the 13 Goblins who set out on the journey, witty dialogue, amazing photography and computer based editing. See it after eating all your turkey and Christmas pudding!