Left bed


It’s snowing! It looks nice when you are inside a warm room, but…. I really like snow when it is on a mountain, I am at the top and have skies on my feet. A truly great feeling as you make that first push and away you go. Happy memories for I don’t know when I shall go skiing again.

My last session was two winters ago when Ian and Birgit invited me to join them in Austria. I don’t know anyone now who can ski. Rather like cycling for the ‘oldies’ I went cycling with have stopped falling off their bicycles and sold them!

I must finish my German homework for I have a lesson with Frau Fox this afternoon. I have to write a letter and so far only completed the introduction. After my lesson I am going to the opening of an exhibition of Sylke’s photographs. Looking forward to that and someday being able to handle a camera like she can. She took this pic of me on the left.

Jan is flying into Berlin later today. We are meeting after my Photoshop session tomorrow afternoon. I am interested in hearing about his recent work project and seeing more photographs. No doubt it will all be done with a few beers. It is his Christmas visit for he is spending the holiday season in Spain with Arancha.

This Saturday I am going to a workshop sponsored by ELTABB, which is our teacher association. After we shall sip mulled wine to keep us warm before we go into the dining room for a Christmas meal.  Now to finish that homework:-(