Left bed


I’ve just got back from Sylke’s exhibition of photos. They really are worth seeing and follow the theme of things that don’t really fit together.  I went there from my lesson with Frau Fox, which went very well.

From there I went to the exhibition. There were more present than I expected, which was nice for Sylke. I was quickly offered a glass of red wine and something tasty on a small slice of bread. I then set off to look at her photos. I smiled and laughed at them.

She has an ability to see the absurd between image and language. Some did not need any comment, such as the one you can see in the middle of those with Sylke in the photo I took. The one below is great. A driving school offers a special summer ‘crash’ course to learners. Nice! I think that many learners don’t need lessons about how to crash:-)

Sylke took some of me with my camera and here are a couple set against two of her photos. The first shows me with an appropriate face for the word ‘Puff’ in German street language means brothel. Just look at the hut. I wonder if the lady/ies got any/many customers!

The other one is of me sharing a few left-over chips with what looks like a blackbird or a raven. The bird got the lions share:-) What do you think Marcel? Is it better than the one I took of you dribbling Weißkohl from your mouth?