Left bed


One of my plants is flowering. It normally sits on my bathroom windowsill (die Fensterbank). The only warning was the appearace of buds on the leaves. This morning they had started to flower.

I decided to use it as an object to learn more about my camera settings. I did just that and decided to share two of the best with you. It cheers me up to see such colours on a grey/gray day like today!

On Sunday I went to a play at the centre where I go each Friday to meet the Photoshop Gang. Stefan wrote and starred in it. I met Marga for a tasty traditional Sunday lunch before we saw the play. It was really good with excellent acting. Marga laughed a lot, which was nice to hear.

Yesterday I was teaching in Alexander Platz. Today I dragged myself off to the Fitness Centre and forced myself to go through my training plan. I felt much better afterwards. I wonder if there is a way to feel better without doing the training? If you have any ideas then lets read them in the Comment box below.

Tomorrow I am teaching in the afternoon, as usual, then I am going to Joanne’s. She is hosting a gathering to share experiences and photos of her recent holiday in Montreal.  Gerald and Jutta will also be there. I’m looking forward to seeing them again.

Thursday afternoon I am meeting Silke. We are going to a meeting. One of the speakers is the USA Ambassador to Germany. Should be interesting to hear his views on Post-Obama2-Politics. I’ve just got back from the hairdressers. I now look ‘shorn’ and tidy for the event.

Friday begins with Kerstin’s Oldie Keep Fit Gang.  I shall then go to another district in Berlin to meet my Photoshop Gang and see if I can get an image steamed onto a shopping bag. Hope you have a happy and busy rest of the week.