Left bed

Shopping Bag

Last Friday, at my Photoshop course, Stefan had prepared something new. We had to search our computers for a favourite image we had created. This was then printed onto a special kind of paper.

Next step was to put this on a cotton shopping bag. A sheet of baking tray paper was placed over this before ironing with a hot iron. Gently ease off the original printing paper and there you have it! Your favourite creation on the side of a shopping bag so others can see it when you next go shopping. Nice practical idea.

Unfortunately I could not find the one I wanted to it was agreed that I look at home and take to the class next Friday. The bad news is that I can’t find it in my picture memory sticks/external drive. The solution is to find another one for next Friday. Watch this space.

Here are some pics of the bags, Stefan taking a rest and Helga proudly showing us her shopping bag. Quality is not the best for I took them with my mobile phone then transferred to my iMac via Bluetooth. After some confusing technical instructions it finally worked.