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Highway to ?

I struggled to come up with something interesting in my Photoshop class this afternoon. I spent the last lesson preparing a bridge, then was not sure what I wanted to do with it today! I tried inserting it into various backgrounds and didn’t like the results. Ah…the problems of being creative and an artist!

After talking to Stefan I decided on a simple presentation of a highway to ….somewhere! We came up with the titles of a number of songs starting with, ‘Highway to….’ and that provided the inspiration I needed 🙂

Stefan had created a picture before the lesson to show how we could use some of the photos he had prepared. I liked this one so he allowed me to post it to my blog and share with you. I know Jan and Marcel only look at the pics and don’t read the text, so I hope they like the pics!

Stefan’s pic is of the street outside the entrance to our centre. It was clearly taken in summer and incorporates a camp site and some other images. It is so well done you can’t see where one begins and the other stops. Have a nice weekend!