Left bed

Biesdorf Sand – 2

We walked further and talked about where and when the proposed road would be built. I snapped some other images including this of what appears to be a white flower. It came originally from Canada. It appears in late summer/autumn and is bright yellow in colour. I like this shot for the shadow and light.

I took another landscape shot using my filter. I increased the filter and here is the result. Sometimes you can’t see that a filter has been used. We went further and decided on a break. Silke took this shot of me having a ‘nip’ from my Flachmann.

You normally take one with you when you go skiing. This one was a present from Jan many years ago. The contents warmed me against the encroaching cold evening 🙂

As we left the area we stopped by the rail tracks. Silke told me about other hobby photographers who go there to take shots of trains, particularly engines from Poland.

We waited …. and waited… then left. Yes, you have guessed right. Just after we left such a train went by and we had no time to take our cameras out of our rucksacks.

Na ja .. pech gehabt!  Even so, it was a very pleasant afternoon and thanks to Silka for helping me to learn more about my camera.