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Biesdorf Sand – 1

This afternoon Silke cycled over. It was a relatively warm day with a bright blue sky. We chatted about a few things, including camera details, before cycling round the corner to Ruebchen.

Can I hear some of your asking what that is? It is a cafe specialising in simple homemade dishes. They make two soups a day, which are always delicious. Today we had pumpkin soup served in large bowls with a substantial slice of wholemeal bread. Very healthy and warming to prepare us for our cycle ride.

We headed for an area called Biesdorf-Sand. We went there last winter and posted reports and photos to this blog. We decided to go there again because of the weather, sun and shadows. On the way we passed a company making cranes. I could not resist taking a shot of some of them shooting into the blue sky.

We passed a group of buildings where airships and then planes were made from the end of the 1800s, cycled on, turned a corner and entered the Biesdorfer Sand area. I played around with filters and other settings to learn more about using the cameras. Here is a landscape using a filter.

As we cycled further, we came across an area full of rose-hips. I stopped and one smiled at me. I took out my camera and snapped before it stopped smiling at me. What luck! Here you can see the result.

We cycled further then stopped for a break. I took the opportunity to wipe my new winter shoes. They are the ‘Hummer’ equivalent of shoes I mentioned in an earlier blog. Great for walking through such an area!