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Over the weekend I got some photos from Bernhard. He was in Taiwan on business and used the camera on his iPhone to send me more photos. Nice of him to reduce them for it saved me that work!

I selected two. They are of a parade and restaurant visit. They bring back memories of my Beijing adventures in September 2011. Thanks for sharing them and hope to see you for coffee next Monday.

I had a completely ‘normal’ week last week and my weekend was a quiet one. That was my deliberate choice. Sometimes you just have to turn the tempo down and spend time for yourself. I did a lot of reading and even cooked something new based on potato, broccoli and mushrooms. This week looks very much like last week except that I am not going to the cinema on Tuesday afternoon.

Last week I did and saw the new James Bond film. It is great. Rush off to see it as soon as you can. It is a long one with a break in the middle. I liked the pace, action and dialogue that says what is necessary – and nothing more. I also liked humorous self-irony comments, such as M asking Bond if they were just getting a bit too old for it all 🙂  I know what she means!