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Spring in Oz

I got an e-mail and photos from Ian and Birgit over the weekend. If you remember I have posted a number of reports to this blog about them.  They were my generous hosts when they lived in Beijing.

They now have a house overlooking the bay in the north of Sydney. Very nice.

Perhaps I shall make it there one day. Keep reading my blog for there are plans afoot for late next year.

I selected three to show you how hard their life is there 🙂 Must be tough going to the gym almost every day and having to enjoy this beach. A nice contrast to entering autumn and winter in the northern hemisphere.

I really like the photo of the two human-animals on the back of the horse/donkey on the right. What an interesting combination!

Ian and Birgit,  please send more so we can see your spring/summer as a contrast to our cold period.

How about some of you CasVegas lads sharing some photos of spring and summer in your bit of Ozland and New Zealand? I am sure my readers would like that!