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November 2012 Things

Berlin started November with rain, cool winds and grey skies. Typical November but I note our local BSR are busy cleaning the roads and pavements of fallen and soggy leaves. Good work.

I’ve just got back from shopping at a large centre two stops on the S-Bahn from where I live. Jan recently bought his camera from an electrical store there. I went in to see what they had to offer for camera ‘freaks’. Not a bad selection but I left as my eyes opened at the price of the lens I would like to buy! You got a very good deal Jan.

I bought some leather winter shoes with fur lining for old feet. Ideal! I also looked at some real all- weather-condition winter shoes from Docker. They seem to be the shoe equivalent of a Hummer automobile. I may buy them tomorrow 🙂

I also bought seven CDs of classical music. Mainly Beethoven piano sonatos for me and Chopin piano sonatos for Marcel. He is a great fan of Chopin. I think they share the same streak of middle European romanticism!

Looking into my diary for November, I note it is about the same as October. Teaching, Oldie activites, concerts and daytrips when the weather allows. Can’t wait to test the new fur lined shoes!

Who has a birthday in November?  Jeff, Rob and Annie share being 57 on the 19th and will celebrate no doubt somewhere in The Netherlands. Sarah will celebrate being 52 in London with family and friends. Stefab S. will celebrate another birthday with a round of friends at a party in Prenzlauer Berg here in Berlin on 29th. I shall probably gate-crash! Have a great day each and Happy Birthday wishes from me.