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Happy Gang

Last Wednesday morning I jumped into two trams and ended up at a Community Centre in Marzahn. This is a district in the north-east of Berlin where I lived when I arrived in Berlin, many years ago. I was very happy there and had the largest and cheapest flat I have ever had in Berlin.

My third job was working at Marzahn VHS, which translates as Adult Education College. One of courses I was asked to take over was a group on a Wednesday morning. I shortly afterwards gave them the name of  ‘Happy Gang’. I think you can work out why I called them that.

Their level of English was/is high and they did not need to translate many words. I remember they were very active in the classroom and always did their homework.  After 19 – or 20 years, for we have differing memories – they are still together. They meet twice a month in Marzahn in this centre, and are as busy and ‘Happy’ as they were when I worked with them

 It was nice to be invited to their meeting as a guest. Always honoured and happy to meet them. They allowed me to take a few photos. Here are two for these photos show them with/and without me.  Thanks to all for the invitation.