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Schwedt – 2

I decided to share more images of Schwedt with you. My first post had a number of photos of the bridge. Here are a few more showing different aspects of the town and river Oder.

I talked to a number of people yesterday about my Sunday in Schwedt. Some were surprised and asked why we had gone there. Their question arose from knowing that the town only has the petrol/gas pipeline and little else to interest visitors. Even so, it was pleasant to travel through the autumn scenery and see the changing colours of trees and fields.

As I did, I thought about my friends in Australia and New Zealand who are waking each morning to Spring bursting into their bedrooms. I think I should spend half a year there and half a year in Europe. That would be the perfect solution!

Yesterday, I had a wonderful late afternoon with Marita to celebrate her birthday. Light, tasty food with healthy drinks. Later we added a glass of sekt! It was nice to see her again and looking so well. She has had a couple of years of health problems but seems to be emerging into better times now.

I have had unexpected time on my hands. Frau Fox called this morning to say she had an unexpected appointment so we could not meet for my German lesson. I interpret that to mean she had to go to the Doc’s urgently. She has had a series of health problems recently. Even so, I did my homework like a good little boy and she can check it next Tuesday afternoon!

I’ve been invited to meet my old ‘Happy Gang’ tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to it and shall take my camera. Perhaps I can get a few good shots to support a post to my blog.