Left bed

To the Grill event

 Last Tuesday I went to the Senior Community Centre, where I have my Photoshop course. Stefan had called me earlier to ask if I wanted to join just over one hundred other ‘Oldies’ for a nice ‘grilled’ meal, music and dance. I said, ‘Yes’ to the former. I can’t dance so I was not interested in that part of the event.

I dutifully showered and changed into casual, but smart clothes, and headed for Falckensteinstraße. It was a sunny, warm day and I was happy to go there.

I took the S-Bahn to Warschauer Straße. There I have to change to the U-Bahn and travel one stop over the River Spree into Kreuzberg. A short walk takes me to the ‘Oldie’ Centre.

I had my camera in my case so decided to take a couple of photos of ‘work-in-progress’ at Warschauer Straße S-Bahn station. It really is a desolate and unfriendly place. I cannot remember when there was not some kind of digging and construction and it never seems to look better or be customer friendly.

One of the shots is towards the east where I travelled from. The other is towards the centre of the city. You can see the big 02 Centre on the left of the photograph. When I arrived at the ‘Oldie’ Centre, I took another couple of photos to the left and right as you enter the building.

I also took one of the building which now has lots of graffiti on the front. It was cleaned up earlier in the year, but thanks to the tasteless yobs with spray cans and no concept of art, the front has been sprayed again with their sub-mental fantasies.